To pick just one picture of such a beautiful and special family member is difficult. I will do my best to make this short and sweet, which is difficult when talking about such an amazing gift I was given in this dog. To tell you a little about him; this is Sam. He is a 7 year old yellow lab who has not only proven himself in the field as an avid duck hunting companion but also as a therapy companion at our local Luther Park where he will fetch with the residents for hours or just lay with his head in their lap as they give and recieve love. This yellow boy has been there as a big brother to my two little boys and has shown them never ending patience and love. His favorite things to do are hiking, swimming, hunting and of course fetch! He loves going to dog beach and being with other dogs and swimming until exhausted. I never leave a place with my Sam, disappointed. He never ceases to amaze me with his willingness to listen, his loyalty and of course his love. I was given a once in a lifetime partner in this companion. I know he would hold a special place in anyone’s heart to who ever meets him. Thank you for your consideration.

Owner: Jordan Stockdale

Breed: Yellow Lab

Age: 7