Joey is a 3 year old Black-Golden Retriever-Chocolate Lab mix.
He is a friend to everyone he meets and has a lot of love to give.

Joey has lots of canine friends and enjoys meeting new ones anytime, anywhere, whether walking on a path, hiking the mountain or swimming in the lake. He has a very adventurous spirit, this is evident with the multiple facebook postings, “Has anyone seen Joey? He is out exploring and needs to come home!” Thankfully it always works out, and since he knows so many people now, they help him find his way.

Joey appreciates the open fields and space in Sandpoint so he can run… clocked at 27 mph! His favorite thing to do in the summer is diving with the boys off his backyard dock in to the clean, cool and refreshing lake. He also loves boating with family and friends. Playing football with the boys is also on the top of his fun list of things to do, that and eating.

During the winter months, he likes to play in the snow and chase snow balls. Skating on the ice is also fun. When at home, he watches T.V. in his chair with his family.

Joey also works, he goes to the office with his (human) mom several times a week. He also cleans the kitchen floor of any food crumbs that drop, and brings in the newspaper every morning except Sundays.

Joey is a stud, lots of fun, ready to play on a moment’s notice. Always a smile and love to those he meets. He is a free majestic spirit and would represent Sandpoint’s beauty, warmth , charm, lifestyle and friendliness.

Owner: Priscilla Broward

Breed: Golden Retriever meets Chocolate Lab = Black Lab Mix

Age: 3