Jax caught our attention in the Panhandle Animal Shelter when he was the only dog who didn’t bark or jump when we walked into the kennel. He was laying down quietly in the back of his stall, and immediately came to us when we called his name. Sitting pretty, he looked up at us with those beautiful brown eyes, as if he was asking “what else can I do for you?”. I had never seen that kind of temperament in a dog before, nor had I seen a pure black German Shepherd, a breed I had wanted ever since I was a kid. When we asked about his background, we found out that he had been surrendered twice to the shelter, for reasons unknown. We took him home that day and now, over a year later, we couldn’t imagine our lives without him. My husband and I are convinced that we were meant to have Jax and he was meant to have us. He absolutely loves hiking in the woods, running with and “herding” other dogs, and just being with us no matter what we’re doing. There isn’t an aggressive bone in his body. He’s super patient with adults, kids and dogs alike, always so mellow and calm. Well, unless there are other dogs present–then he starts howling if he can’t play with them. We’re working on that. But he’s captured our hearts as well as everyone else’s he comes into contact with. Rest-assured he will never be surrendered to a shelter ever again.

Owner: Dianna Beck

Breed: German Shepherd

Age: 6