Fonzy rides with our motorcycle group to visit the children at Shriner’s Hospital were he hands our “autographed” photos of himself. (see paw print). He also visits folks at Life Care and other senior homes and gives out “free love”. He has is own vest, hat and “dogoogles”.
He rides in parades and helps our local vet (USMC) by appearing on the motorcycle for events.
A few years ago he did a commercial for a dog treat, “NO PAY INVOLVED”. Just a healthy good product. I have that video but not sure you would want it since it is an advertisement.
He loves people and will sing with my harmonica, or carry on a conversation with you. He does several tricks and is a real ham.
He keeps the Geese off our lawn and is in charge of the property in general. HOWEVER, the day a hang glider wet by, he thought is was a awful big bird coming after him! He ran under my chair, struck his head out between my legs and barked his very best bark at it!

Owner: Dale Snipes

Breed: Jack Russel Terrier

Age: 11