My name is Charlotte and I am a 12 year old beagle. I am amazingly spry for my age. My sense of smell is 400 times stronger than other breeds of dogs. I have always wanted to be a “good” dog but I am completely ruled by my nose. Once I get the scent of something I turn into Harry Houdini. I am an amazing escape artist. I have opened windows and blown through screens, moved cement blocks and dug under fences, climbed wood piles and bailed over eight foot fences just to name a few of my maneuvers. I have been a regular at Joel’s, Winterridge and I even spent an afternoon working at the post office. I have introduced my Mom to 100’s of people that have found me and called the number on my tag.

My life hasn’t comepletely been about food and exploring. In my youth I made milk for 2 kittens. They were so cute I felt the love, released some hormones and made milk for them. I can be very nurturing and it redeemed me in my families’ eyes for all my escapades.

The last Yappy hour I went to I jumped up into the middle of a couple of tables with people eating trying to get to the food. I just couldn’t help myself. I am not sure how good of an ambassador I would be but my nephew Scout is being entered in this contest and my Mom didn’t want me to feel left out.In the photo we submitted I ate a little too much cat food that summer and coiuldn’t quite make it throughthe door. If you like rebels, vote for me.

Owner: Jayne, Lisa

Breed: beagle

Age: 12