Buck “Wide Load”

Buck’s nickname is Wide Load because he’s a big wide boy! He’s very good natured and has an easy going personality. He lives on a property where he gets the chance to run and play with plenty of room and play with his big buddy Mika. When we take him into Sandpoint for his walk downtown he stops traffic. People are always coming up to us asking about him. He will be facing his first winter this year and we’re anxious to see how much he’ll love the snow.

He’s not quite 7 months old yet and he’s 70 pounds. I think he would make a great ambassador for Sandpoint. He’s friendly, he’s bred for winter climate, fun loving and quite beautiful. He’s courteous and people love him. He’s the biggest teddy bear that you can’t wait to hug!

Owner: George Soetje

Breed: Alaskan Malamute

Age: 1