Belvedere for Sandpoint Ambassadog!

Belvedere, our Bassett Hound, was named after a Looney Tunes cartoon. “The Colonel” comes out the front porch of his plantation and calls out in a thick southern accent, “Belvedere, come a’here boy!”

But Bassett Hounds don’t exactly come when they’re called. They follow their nose. As soon as Belvedere is let out, his nose goes in the air and he runs up into our forest. A couple of hours later he returns, exhausted but I swear with a big grin on his face. He has no idea Bassetts were bred to hunt rabbits, he just likes to smell everything here in northern Idaho.

Don’t let his ears deceive you. They actually help direct scent toward his nose.

Some people think Bassett Hounds are ugly, but I think they’re the cutest dog around, never met a person they didn’t like, and are all about having fun.

Owner: Arthea Larson

Breed: Bassett Hound

Age: 01